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SYTYCD Season 10: 10 Songs from Episodes 1-3

Oh yes, it’s that time of the year my friends. So You Think You Can Dance is back for their 10th season and it’s proving to be excellent so far. Click on for some music highlights and a bunch of downloads:

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 9 Finale Highlights

Congratulations to America’s favorite guy and girl dancers: Chehon and Eliana! Last night’s finale episode looked back at everyone’s favorite routines from the past season and also had a few new pieces sprinkled in. Unfortunately for me, I was left with some slim pickins because most of the music wasn’t new anymore. So in this […]

So You Think You Can Dance: ‘Top 4 Perform’ Music Highlights

Next week is the season finale episode of So You Think You Can Dance! Tiffany, Eliana, Chehon, and Cyrus all danced for votes for the final time Tuesday night. The routines and music choices kept me on my toes, so click through to check out some excellent dancing and songs:

So You Think You Can Dance: ‘Top 6 Perform’ Music Highlights

I was amazed by last night’s performances! It was a fantastic mix of fun and emotional pieces. The added plus was guest judge Christina Applegate because as a dancer and fan of the show, she can actually form opinions and give substantial feedback (I can still remember when Carmen Electra judged last season and it […]

So You Think You Can Dance: ‘Top 8’ Music Highlights

A top 6 already?! This week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance was, in a word, intense. The eliminations portion gets especially stressful and heartbreaking at this point of the competition so imagine my reaction when my favorite male dancer got voted off. It was a Yelling Fest. Thank goodness for the always […]

So You Think You Can Dance: ‘Top 10 Perform’ Music Highlights

Before I begin my mini recap of this week’s music from So You Think You Can Dance, I apologize for my lateness – my birthday was yesterday and it turned out to be much more busy and eventful than I thought it would be.┬áBut enough about me! Wednesday’s episode brought back the all-stars, who are […]

So You Think You Can Dance: ‘Top 14 Perform’ Music Highlights

Tonight’s episode was all about the top 14 and choreographer Mia Michaels. All 8 routines (that’s including the amazing opening group routine) were choreographed by Michaels. While I was scratching my head over how she could choreograph and teach all those pieces in such a short time span, I soon learned that each couple’s piece […]