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SYTYCD Season 10: 10 Songs from Episodes 1-3


Oh yes, it’s that time of the year my friends. So You Think You Can Dance is back for their 10th season and it’s proving to be excellent so far. Click on for some music highlights and a bunch of downloads:

Episode 1: Meet the Top 20

1. Felix da Housecat, “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” – Malece and Jade, Travis Wall jazz routine

The concept of the routine went really well with this cool song from Felix da Housecat. [Download]

2. Labrinth, “Last Time (Knife Party Remix)” – Alexis and Nico, Christopher Scott hip hop routine

The piece didn’t get rave reviews from the judges but this Knife Party remix was super grimy. [Download]

3. Delilah, “Go” – Hayley and Curtis, Christopher Scott hip hop routine

I love a good throwback so when I realized that “Go” features lyrics from Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody,” I had to include it here. [Download]

Episode 2: Top 20

4. Ooah, “Hacksaw” – Brittany’s solo

Unfortunately ballroom dancer Brittany was eliminated in the competition, but first she tore it up to a track by electronic/glitch artist Ooah of The Glitch Mob. [Download]

5. Trish, “Mannequin” (Skeet & Tito Remix) – Makenzie and Paul, Sean Cheesman jazz routine

This was one of my favorite pieces of the night – the dancers, choreography, and song all came together for me. I can’t find the remix in full anywhere so I don’t know what kind of voodoo SYTYCD had to pull to get a hold of it. [Download]

Episode 2: Top 18…er, 17

6. Sóley, “Pretty Face” (Nathan Lanier Remix) – Top 17 opening number, Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott jazz routine

This routine blew me away. Sonya and Christopher are great together and I loved the track they picked. Unfortunately I can’t find the remix but here’s the original: [Download]

7. Smash Cast ft. Megan Hilty, “They Just Keep Moving the Line” – Jasmine H. and Aaron, Spencer Liff Broadway routine

Smash didn’t have the best story (which probably led to its demise) but the music was always on point. [Download]

8. Jessie J, “Wild” ft. Big Sean – Jenna’s ballroom solo

Ballroom dancer Jenna is a beast in her own style and the others so it was a no brainer that she would be safe, especially after her solo to Jessie J’s latest single. [Download]

9. Charlotte Martin, “Veins” – Jasmine M. and Alan, Sean Cheesman jazz routine

The dancers would have benefitted from not being so technical in this but it was still enjoyable all around. [Download]

10. Michael Jackson, “Dangerous” (Immortal Version) – Jenna and Tucker, Keone and Mariel Madrid hip hop routine

Keone and Mariel Madrid have been in the hip hop dance scene for a long time so it was exciting to see them and their choreography on national television (check them out dancing the same choreography here). In the past they’ve choreographed for some of the biggest Korean pop acts of YG Entertainment. [Download]

And there you have it! So You Think You Can Dance airs every Tuesday night at 8 pm Eastern time on FOX.

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One comment on “SYTYCD Season 10: 10 Songs from Episodes 1-3

  1. The music is just as important as the dancing. Love it!

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