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Send along a friendly email to thecollaboreight@gmail.com with any questions, compliments, errors, pitches, or complaints.

If you’d like to contribute a piece to the site, you may also use this email but please read our submissions guidelines.

We’ll be in touch!

2 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Kristine. Would love to tell you and your followers about my company Brapples. A unique line of accessories for women that solve many of our every day fashion dilemmas. Getting dress one day I realizied that I absolutely hated the look of my bra straps with their dingy nude and unflatering style when they would peek through. I sought to change that and it lead me down the road to many more fun and exciting accessories for woman such as my “Fur Babyz”, faux fur scarf/hat combo (patent pending), “Bling It Belts”, and others. You can find me on-line at http://www.brapples.com and in many boutiques across the country. Cheers, Donna

  2. how can I order Mercure & Me Shampoo

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