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The Collabor-eight aims to provide a outlet for funny, talented writers to see their clever articles published! …Even if it’s on a group blog.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or finished pieces that you would like to submit, please send them to thecollaboreight@gmail.com with the category of your work in the subject line. Please include a brief author biography so that we know who you are and why we should feature your work! The editor in that category will then review your submission and decide if we would like to run it. We are looking for pieces that reflect the voice and values of our editors and site as a whole. We will try to respond to you and offer our feedback, but due to volume and space we may not be able to! If we love your idea, you’ll be hearing from us!

Once we receive submissions, we reserve the right to publish them and edit them for length and content. We will have you confirm the final piece, at which point the article becomes a part of The Collabor-eight web page.

Need some inspiration? Click here to read articles by our contributors!

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