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Vacation time: Keeping up with clean eats!

Photo: La Tartine Gourmande

Every time I go on vacation, I put my entire life on hold. I seem to think that just because I’m on vacation, I don’t have to work out or eat somewhat decently. This, my friends, is the completely wrong approach. Just because I am on vacation most certainly doesn’t mean my metabolism is as well. I would always think of eating healthily on vacation as a punishment — or even better, a huge laughable joke — but why? Every place has different foods worthy of getting creative with. Is it hard and troublesome at specific times? OF COURSE IT IS! This week, I am going on a cruise to several different islands, each of which clearly have amazing different types of foods. My challenge for this week is to enjoy myself, but to also know my limits. In the past, I would hit the 24 hour buffet —  for 24 hours a day 7 days straight. I wouldn’t work out all vacation and I was bloated and felt disgusting. I also would come home ten pounds heavier and disappointed more than ever that I fell off track and had a major set back after working my butt off to look good for the cruise in the first place.

Does this mean have no fun, torture yourself and not indulge at all? Absolutely not! We are all human and have cravings, wants, and needs every so often. What I am going to try do is be reasonable. If I have a high calorie or “cheat day,” I will make sure to do extra cardio or even work my legs out that day to really get a good calorie-burning workout so I can treat myself a little without feeling guilty. On days I’m tired or don’t have time to work out, I can either choose lower caloric food options, take a walk on the beach or, even better, choose a fun and active excursion such as snorkeling. This can help to get a mini exercise in without even thinking twice about it!

imageThis time around, I am prepared and will not fail. I must go in with a positive mindset and from here until next week, I know I will enjoy myself while being healthy at the same time! To start this trip, I enjoyed a delicious salad, sweet potato chips and a sweetened green tea – right from the airport. Being healthy can always be a challenge with major distractions and temptations, but it can also be fun and invigorating to try new healthy options as well!

Wish me luck!

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