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Happy Birthday To Us — It’s The Collabor-eight’s First Birthday!

cupcakeIt’s our birthday, and we can cry if we want to. Except that the only tears we have are tears of joy — that our little site is growing up so quickly. It was a year ago today that The Collabor-eight went live. To celebrate our first birthday and thank you all for your year of viewing, supporting, and (hopefully!) loving our work, we’re all going to entertain you with stories of our birthdays past. Check out the editors’ pics, reflections, and charming birthday memories. Then, feel free to share your own!


Kathleen, Style Editor

“When I was little, my mom worked at the Disney store (every little kid’s dream, right?!). One year, she got me a pink Cinderella dress, complete with a poofy skirt and Cinderella’s face in the middle. I absolutely fell in love with that dress, and even though it was my ‘birthday dress,’ I wore it every opportunity I got. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and any other time my parents let me. I actually wore it for years – until it didn’t fit anymore. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so much in love with a piece of clothing or birthday gift since then.” — Kathleen, Style Editor


Amber, TV & Movies Editor

“My 25th birthday was my favorite birthday thus far. It started with happy birthday phone calls from my incredible family members on the west coast (who made the painful effort to get up at 4am their time to call me before work here in the east, because they knew I’d be in meetings all day). Then at work, my coworkers showed me some love by giving me birthday balloons (to make sure everyone knew it was my birthday, and not just Valentine’s Day), my favorite Crumb’s cupcake and a cookie cake. After work I performed in the NYU Graduate Women’s Production of the Vagina Monologues to rise against gender based violence (we had an awesome turnout), and then I hopped on the subway with two of my best friends, went to Buffalo Wild Wings Bar & Grill and had some birthday wings and beer. There could not have been a more perfect way to celebrate my day, turning a quarter of a century!” — Amber, TV & Movies Editor


Amber performing in the Vagina Monologues


Kristine, Editor-in-Chief

“My birthday is Christmas week, so there isn’t a year that goes by that I don’t snap a hilarious pic in front of the family Christmas tree. I’ve been fortunate enough to have 22 amazing birthday memories that extend way beyond the actual calendar date. But since Collab’s turning 1 year old, I wanted to show you all a picture from my 1st birthday. I found this gem, taken after my own first birthday party. Clearly I partied too hard and I seem to have fallen asleep standing up with my new McDonald’s play set. I started walking a couple weeks before my first birthday, and I was eager to show off my new skill set in front of the family that came to my party. Obviously this extraneous effort exhausted me.” — Kristine, Editor-in-Chief


Arielle, Health & Fitness Editor

“I’m new to The Collabor-eight, but I am so honored to be included in the one year anniversary roundup. As usual I must stick to my roots and post about something health related so I will begin with this picture. This pic was taken the night of my 21st birthday, which we all know is the birthday that can tend to end up a bit messy. Besides the fact that you can clearly tell I was having a fun-filled night due to extra curricular activities, I want to explain why I chose this year and picture to talk about. My entire life I played sports and was into fitness, but not into it like I got into it the year I turned 21. What I thought was healthy before this year completely got turned around. Although I knew a few years prior what I wanted to study in college, this year specifically I really started to practice what I preached as an exercise physiology and nutrition student. I used it as an outlet for positivity and happiness. For years I struggled with depression and other life issues and it has really been helping me to stay focused and to fight for specific goals. It wasn’t until I turned 21 that I really became deeply interested and educated on how fitness really just helps all around well being. It helps me to be passionate as well as mentally focused in life. Not to mention it has major benefits every year as we get older. (Just to mention a few benefits – it helps to relieve stress, prolong life, clear the mind, exude positivity, prevent bone deterioration, create positive self esteem and confidence – and the list goes on and on.) When we are young, as I am now, we tend not to think of the consequences later on in life, but every year, every birthday, health and well-being helps us to thrive so we can happily celebrate that next birthday! This is what helps me to reach that special day every year. I hope you are equally just as passionate about something in your life to help you move on from year to year! Happy birthday Collaboreight!” — Arielle, Health & Fitness Editor


Camille, Music Editor

“This is a picture that my mom took of me and my dad on my 1st birthday! As you can tell by my dad’s facial expression, he was way more excited about my celebration than I was. The following day I had an actual party with more friends and family than could fit in our little apartment and an excessive amount of food. Whether I was at Chuck E. Cheese’s or in Atlantic City for my birthday, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by people I care about every single year. Here on The Collabor-eight, our readers have made it possible for us to get to this fantastic 1 year mark. On the behalf of The Collabor-eight, big thanks for all of your support thus far!” — Camille, Music Editor

Tashay, Food Editor

Tashay, Food Editor

“This picture is from my first birthday in New York. I spent it with my group of hipster friends, so there was crazy dancing — and I had three outfit changes! :p” — Tashay, Food Editor

One comment on “Happy Birthday To Us — It’s The Collabor-eight’s First Birthday!

  1. Loved everyone’s story and pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

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