The Right Fit: What’s Yours?

arielle jumpingEveryone has their own vision of what being “fit” looks like. My entire life, I always thought being a size zero was exactly what I wanted to be, but let’s be real– I’m a size 6. I always was, always will be. And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. For my first post on The Collabor-eight, I am here to tell you all that everyone is different and everyone should have their own standards as to what their “Right Fit” is. I know it seems obvious, but sometimes, something that simple needs to be said before we can start to understand. Being fit is not about how skinny you can be — it’s about setting goals for yourself and accomplishing them, the healthy way. We all have to start somewhere, right? Let’s start by not comparing ourselves to others (we’re all GUILTY!!!) and set our own fitness aspirations.

For the longest time, I compared myself to all of my friends who are 5 feet tall and a size zero. That’s amazing for them, but so unrealistic for myself. Having a mother that was 150 pounds overweight wasn’t much easier either. I became obsessed and frantic and to this day, I still have my moments where I feel like breaking down. However; I used all of this obsession as fuel to push myself further into the health industry. I went to school to get my Exercise Physiology degree, with a focus in Nutrition. I now have a job in the fitness industry. I am still learning a lot, so I understand why it’s so hard for anyone to be deeply educated on the matter.

Okay, done ranting. My experiences will come later, but now it’s about your fitness journey. My main point is that everyone is different and everyone requires different necessities when trying to become “fit.” I guess my main questions are:

Do you ever really sit down and think about what being healthy is to you?; or how about,

Do you ever frequently find yourself comparing what you look like to others?

When I sat down a few months ago and really began to focus on what I felt was healthy in my life and why I wanted my life to be better and healthier, it really changed my life. Too many of us ignore what we are capable of — and focus on what we’re not.

Don’t know where to start? That is what I am here to do – HELP. I want to inspire you to embark on the beginning of your “fit” journey. I don’t care if your idea of “fit” is being happy or even being physically able to do insane exercises! That’s great and at least you are giving it a go! I am here to help with your journey, but this is also to help with mine. I am still finding my “right fit,” but I have come a long way already. How about you?

2 comments on “The Right Fit: What’s Yours?

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