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Fabletics Workout Fashions by Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson‘s athletic fashion collection, Fabletics, kind of makes me not want to keep wearing my scrubby old t-shirts to the gym. With cute leggings, snug yoga gear and colorful sports bras making up a good chunk of the line, Fabletics’ pieces aren’t the most terribly original athletic looks in the world, but the high quality […]

Killer Core Workout: Make Your Own Slosh Pipe

“Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.” – Bruce Lee Tired of the same old workout routine? You go for a run, you go to the gym and do cardio or lift weights; rinse and repeat, day in day out. Here’s a cheap, […]

The Right Fit: What’s Yours?

The Right Fit: What’s Yours?

Everyone has their own vision of what being “fit” looks like. My entire life, I always thought being a size zero was exactly what I wanted to be, but let’s be real– I’m a size 6. I always was, always will be. And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. For my first post on […]

Shoesday Tuesday: Nike Studio Wrap

The first time you see the Nike Studio Wraps, you’re likely to think, “What are those?!” Are they shoes? Flip flops? New Vibrams? Ballet slippers? At least those were the immediate questions I had. There’s no easy answer to that deceptively difficult question, so you’re just going to have to accept the claim that they’re sorta […]

The Running Playlist That Gets Me Moving

It has come to my attention that the sharing of workout playlists is absolutely unheard of. You could almost have better luck getting someone to hand over their social security number, Facebook password, and credit card than you would getting honest answers on what’s on their iPod. Why? It’s because most of the time, the […]