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Beauty, Simplified

You may be the kind of girl who isn’t big on wearing makeup because she thinks it takes too much time.  You could be the girl who would love to wear makeup regularly, but only wears it when she’s going out for a night on the town.  Maybe you’re the girl who knows everything there […]

My Journey of Hair

In January of 2008, I made a decision.  It was my senior year of high school, and a time of uncertainty.  Where would I be a year from then?  What would I be doing?  Who would I be friends with?  For most people, it’s a big decision-making time.  This decision was unlike many that others […]

A Leave-in Conditioner Worth Stalking

Have you ever found a product that works wonders for you, only to find that you can’t find it … anywhere?! For me, it was a L’Oreal Vive leave-in conditioner that I first started using two years ago in Greece. Read on to see how my love of this product sent me on a mad […]

Chanel Boy Bag

You know what I love about Chanel? (Besides, um, everything?) The brand manages to maintain its signature classic elegance while adapting to the coolest trends of modern times. Or maybe I’m just overjoyed right now because their new Boy Bag model, Alice Dellal, has the same half-shaved haircut as I do. Since the campaign images […]