Love & Dating

Bucktooth Betty

Getting my braces removed at the end of high school was complete bliss. I ran around for months in total excitement, licking my shiny teeth, and of course, not wearing my mandatory retainer. Eight years later, I could fit two of my fingers in the space between my top and bottom jaws when I bit down. Bucktooth […]

The Truth About Men

Dr. Ian K. Smith, of VH1 Celebrity Fit Club fame, has come out with a book claiming to let women in on the human race’s best kept secret: what men are really thinking. Oh? Do tell. I received a free copy of this book while I was a member of the audience at a taping […]

Love: in 160 Characters or Less

We are all familiar with the popular bible quote from First Corinthians most often heard at weddings: “love is patient, love is kind…”.  In a generation where faces are glued to iPhone screens and heavy sighs echo throughout the crosstown bus at each stop, I often wonder at what point the patience left the equation.  […]