Amber Buggs

Red Widow: The Next ABC “It” Show?

So I admit, I don’t watch ABC’s drama packed shows, Revenge or Scandal. But from what I can gather through sneak peeks, previews, and just the word on the street ;-), Red Widow seems like it could quite possibly become this network’s next must watch show. Red Widow‘s premiere last Sunday (3/3) has me excited […]

Silver Linings Playbook

There are some films that make you feel good for reasons you can’t explain. They’re the types of films that you watch and have an array  of conflicting emotions throughout. You laugh out loud, you cringe, you shift in discomfort, you smirk. And at the end of the movie, the lights come back on, you […]

Captivating Hot Messes: Bad Girls Club – Mexico

Some days there seems to be nothing to watch on TV. Whether you have 10 channels or 200 there inevitably comes a day when you’re flipping through for something to watch and absolutely nothing seems appealing. These are the days when you really just don’t feel like watching Top Gun for the 42nd time and […]

A Trip to the Movies After the Aurora, CO Massacre

For as long as I can remember I have loved going to the movies. The popcorn with way too much butter, the comfy seats, the darkness and the giant screen, I’ve always loved it…it’s always signaled an adventure and an escape. Growing up, going to the movie theater with my family was a special event—an […]

My Decision to Choose Savages

This past week and weekend has graced us with several films that have left many little choice but to brave the sweltering heat and make their way to the movies. From outrageously sexy Channing Tatum in Magic Mike doing on-screen what most of us would pass out in the middle of off-screen (because let’s face […]

A Need for Closure: Grey’s Anatomy

Last week (after a year hiatus) I decided to watch ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Not like I used to (frantically every Thursday with my phone in another room on silent and everything I needed for the next hour within arm’s reach) but calmly, collectedly, and online—marathon style 😉 From 2005 to 2011 Grey’s Anatomy was by far […]

Let your kid flag fly! The Legend of Korra

I get that cartoons aren’t for everyone and most of us haven’t watched Nickelodeon since middle school but if you’re looking for an entertaining and exciting animated show this summer I strongly suggest you check out Nickelodeon’s new animated television series: The Legend of Korra. The Legend of Korra is the sequel to creator’s Michael […]