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A Different Kind of Fairytale

Many a time I have wondered what I know I’m not alone in wondering,

When will I get my happily ever after?  When will I find that guy who’s my own version of a fairytale Prince Charming?

In fairytales, “true love” always seems so uncomplicated.  Sure, there are curses to overcome, battles to be won, and sometimes there are inappropriately spiteful dragons that must be slayed before true loves kiss can be had and spells can be broken.  But other than this, it’s love at first sight and there is no doubt in either the princess-to-be or prince’s minds that complicate their union.  The real world, our world, does not feel like a fairytale, I’ll wager…for about 90% of the world’s population.  But yet Walt Disney has made an empire off portraying almost exclusively this type of love story.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time is different.

In just its first season, this show has already managed to provide viewers a completely fresh perspective on characters and their backgrounds that will not easily be forgotten.  This show has transformed Disney’s first princess Snow White from a one-dimensional domestic in need of saving, to a clever independent hero whose intense beauty is really the least of what attracts Prince Charming to her.  It has also managed to defy the odds and provide a multilayered portrayal of the Wicked Witch that leaves viewers little choice but to end each episode deeply conflicted about what classifies someone as good or evil.

But above all this, Once Upon a Time provides viewers the underbelly of what it takes to be with one’s true love.  It takes the questions I’m not alone in posing and gives honest answers.  This love story is anything but uncomplicated which makes it all the more worth watching.  Anyone who’s looking to be entertained in a brilliantly creative way will not be disappointed by this show!

One comment on “A Different Kind of Fairytale

  1. Your write-up makes me sorry I never tuned in to the show; thank goodness for reruns.

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