United States of Tara: Question of Love

Love is some powerful stuff.  It can move a person to actions that person would never engage in otherwise and endure situations that same person would ordinarily look down upon and advise someone else (in the same position) to flee.  But how much shenanigans and hurt can one person really take, forgive, and move on from?  When the one in love is head over heels, hopelessly, and irreversibly in love with their partner, is there a limit to how much is too much for even the deepest of loves?

Showtime’s United States of Tara offers viewers a chance to gauge these questions in a hilarious and heartbreaking way.  As a woman with a strong case of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID; also known as Multiple Personality Disorder) Tara [played by Toni Collette] puts both herself and her family through a lot.  As of season three, Tara has over 6 completely different personalities that use her body as a vehicle for their own independent and conflicting purposes.  Although most of the alters come out to help Tara, their presence has resulted in her body cheating on her husband, getting beat up, threatening other people’s lives, nearly running over a pregnant family member and so many other indiscretions it’s difficult to list.  And through the midst of all of this crazy instability, Tara has managed to stay in a marriage with one of the most sweet, patient, and loving husbands of all time.  Who is this husband you ask?  The man we all came to love and root for as Sexy and the City’s Aidan, John Corbett.

Max (or as I still have difficulty not calling him) Aidan, is so in love with Tara it’s palatable.  Yet despite his undying love, even he reaches points when her other personalities and her manner of dealing with them become too much for even him.  I’m not yet finished with the third season so I don’t know if Max will actually leave Tara but I do know his epic struggle to stay has made me wonder about myself and my ability to overcome a plethora of shit because of love.

Does love really conquer all?  Would love really be enough to get one over countless indiscretions, unfathomable infidelity, and shocking scenes when you know the person cannot help themselves?  I’m definitely continuing to tune in to United States of Tara to find out and I strongly recommend you do to

2 comments on “United States of Tara: Question of Love

  1. individual way of getting round the concept of love! i enjoyed reading the article of which has further prompted me to tune into the show! keep writing x

  2. Great review, very well written. You must have been an English major. As far as the show is concerned, I love it! I have yet to miss an episode, for me a week without Tara is like a week without air.

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