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Brand Spotlight: Cornwall Soapbox of St. Ives, United Kingdom

14925316_10207466440282416_4090907321445124129_nA few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to tour an extensive part of the United Kingdom with my mom. We went around England, Wales, and Scotland, spending time in the biggest cities, tiny farm towns, mountains, and seaside stops. One afternoon, we pulled up at a drizzly and misty place called St. Ives in Cornwall, and soon the gray, poetic clouds soon turned into hours of torrential rain. What was my first thought? “My soaps! They’re gonna melt!” 

You see, mere minutes after arriving in St. Ives, my mom and I discovered Cornwall Soapbox, a waterfront natural bath and body product store,

If you’re a longtime reader of The Collabor-eight (thank you!!), you know that I have a thing for fine soaps. Pretty soap is also the #1 most-purchased item I pick up from my travels, whether local or worldwide. At this destination, I had to try out the Bergamot Rosemary and Lime and Cornish Seaweed Soaps, both handmade products with the best of the best ingredients, for less than £5 each.

When I asked the shopkeeper if I could take a few photos of the store, he smiled and agreed, explaining that he’s the one actually making the soaps. That’s the kind of awesome local products I’m looking for! Plus, they’re the perfect souvenir that I brought home with me, as they remind me of this wonderful vacation.


St. Ives, the day I arrived in October 2016.

If you go, you’ll find Cornwall Soapbox at 1a The Wharf, St. Ives TR26. If you’re in the United Kingdom, you can also shop online, with their shipping rates being very reasonable.

Rainy day in St. Ives

A photo posted by Kristine Hope Kowalski (@kiwisees) on Oct 24, 2016 at 9:10am PDT


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One comment on “Brand Spotlight: Cornwall Soapbox of St. Ives, United Kingdom

  1. Having visited this shop as well, I can attest to the beauty of the shop and the wonders of the soaps.

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