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Scottish Fine Soaps Company: Luxury Soap in a Tin

What could possibly be fancier than a soap in a tin? In traditional tartan, no less. The Scottish Fine Soap Company houses their high quality soaps in tiny individual sized tins that you’ll love to leave out in your guest bathroom. Seriously, I bet the queen keeps her guest soaps in some of these, carefully strewn about the palace loos. The Tartan Treasures collection features soaps with a delicate classic Scottish heather fragrance, but the varieties don’t stop there! Read on to see other versions of this stylish soap, ideal for gifting and clever party favors!

If Scottish tartan patterns aren’t necessarily your design aesthetic, not to worry. You don’t have to miss out on Scottish Fine Soaps altogether. Contemporary graphic packaging 1) appeals to the minimalist art sense and 2) clearly tells you what kind of soap you’re getting. I came across the Lemon Soap in Marshall’s, and I could smell the powerful citrus zest before I even leaned in to take a whiff. Use this invigorating scent during your morning shower, and you can practically skip the coffee!

If you need quick and easy party favors, the Thank You occasion soap is absolutely perfect. It couldn’t be any more clear as to what the message you’re sending is (HEY — THANKS!), plus your guests will actually use the favor, so it won’t be a waste. The Thank You soap is scented with a mild sea kelp fragrance that is relaxing and soothing — and neutral enough that it will be one that your guests will unanimously agree on.

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company has tons more soap tins, including more Occasion soaps (Happy Birthday, Good Luck, and more!) perfect for casual gifting or gift basket-filling, plus other stylishly designed tins that will match any decor. You can try your luck finding find them at Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx stores, or order them internationally for a surprise Scottish delivery!

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Kristine is a writer from New Jersey. When not quoting Tolstoy or catching up on her Twitter feed, she can be found watching iCarly or perusing the clearance racks at Bloomingdales.

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