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Pink MahogHany: Fragrances For True Parfumistas

Our Twitter friends at niche fragrance house Pink MahogHany sent over samples of the line’s sophisticated signature fragrances for us to review. These three unique scents — due to launch in late 2013 — feel more customized and mature than mainstream perfumes. Here’s what we thought of the brand’s three powerful scents: Ethereal Translucence, French Cuffs, and Sunrise.

Scent: Ethereal Transluscence
For:  This unisex/shared fragrance works for day or night.

E-Smell: This scent is my favorite out of the trio of Pink MahogHany scents I’ve sampled. I frequently wear lighter scents of men’s cologne because I find the rougher scent more my style than girly fragrances. Ethereal Transluscence is powerful enough that a guy would feel comfortable wearing it, but not so overwhelming that a woman would feel like she stole a guy’s scent. Woodsy and crisp, this one’s a true universal.

Scent: French Cuffs
For: The dapper man who fancies himself a trip to France — in a bottle.

E-Smell: French Cuffs smells like what I imagine fashionable French men wear. Straight out of the tube, I really hated this fragrance: it was way too strong for me. But as soon as it reacts with your skin, it mellows out into a warm and sophisticated scent. Like a guy dressed in a fedora and cuff-links would need  this blend to finish off his style. While it might not be my personal pick, it’s a really great interpretation of a classic European cologne.

Scent: Sunrise
For: The sassy woman who’s so over heavy florals.

E-Smell: Given its evocative name, I was expecting Sunrise to smell like a bunch of oranges. (Or at least a breakfast of fresh coffee and oatmeal!) While fresh and invigorating, this scent is actually soft and feminine. As it sits and reacts to your body temperature, you really get the powerful orange scent, without any of that obvious “woops, I just spilled orange juice on my blouse.”

Overall, Pink MahogHany’s scents are strong, sultry, and warm. They’re the type of scents that others will notice you wearing: not because they’re so in-your-face, but that they’ll be trying to pin down exactly what combination they’re smelling. We can’t wait for the official launch!

About Kristine Hope Kowalski

Kristine is a writer from New Jersey. When not quoting Tolstoy or catching up on her Twitter feed, she can be found watching iCarly or perusing the clearance racks at Bloomingdales.

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