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Helvetica: The Perfume

Every hipster’s favorite font is now wearable. Helvetica: The Perfume is a real thing, guys. The self-titled “scent of nothing” comes in minimal packaging, and has minimal scent as well. The scent’s designers claim the perfume is made up of elements stripped down to their purest forms: “air, water, and you.” $62 is a steep price […]

Pink MahogHany: Fragrances For True Parfumistas

Our Twitter friends at niche fragrance house Pink MahogHany sent over samples of the line’s sophisticated signature fragrances for us to review. These three unique scents — due to launch in late 2013 — feel more customized and mature than mainstream perfumes. Here’s what we thought of the brand’s three powerful scents: Ethereal Translucence, French Cuffs, […]

Juicy Couture ‘Viva la Juicy – La Fleur’

Ladies, at some point or another, you’ve surely donned something Juicy Couture. It’s likely because the brand has something for everyone: from the terry cloth bags with cutesy plastic cherry charms that you loved in middle school to the luxe dresses that you’re drooling over for your fall wardrobe right now. But the most consistently […]

Is Your Makeup Too Old?

We may all be guilty of hanging onto makeup a little too long, myself included.  I’m sure most of us may even keep products as long as possible, only making the official decision to chuck them when they start to clump, smell, or change color.  Unfortunately, by the time your makeup starts to stink, it’s […]

Interview Series: Lunch with Sam and Sasha

At Trinity, a delightful outdoor Hoboken, New Jersey lunch spot perched on the edge of the Hudson River, I met with Sasha and Samantha, owners and co-founders of United Scents of America. (A Collabor-fave fragrance company!) Over chicken fingers and martinis, the ladies told me about the start of their company, the great personal story […]

Trend Report: Primary Perfumes

Don’t primary colors instantly bring you back to kindergarden? (In the best possible way, of course?)  From finger paint to sidewalk chalk, you could make any color your little heart desired just by mixing these three colors. In this trend report, I’ll be bringing you three of the best perfume trios that come in sophisticated […]

What does New Jersey smell like?

It depends who you ask, really. Does New Jersey smells like its beaches, woods, swamps, farms, or cities? Hairspray? A spray tan? Yes, we have them all! Of the many smells of Jersey, the nicest one is from the amazing Jersey-based perfume line, United Scents of America. They have interpreted New Jersey’s scent in a […]