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Manicure Monday: Paint Your Pinkies Pink!

Tashay, Food Editor

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the editors of The Collabor-eight are spicing up our manicures by painting our pinkies pink! This idea was inspired by British nail polish brand Nails Inc.’s campaign for October. We’ve all found that this fun nail art sparks a conversation: what a great way to spread the word about awareness! We even picked similar mani styles. See our pinkies here, be inspired, and get creative!

Kathleen, Style Editor

“I love that Nails Inc. came up with the idea of painting your pinky pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. At first, I wasn’t exactly sure how much awareness could actually be spread just from my own manicure.  I actually had so many people ask me why I just painted my pinky pink. Since typically people use their ring finger as an accent nail, this stuck out – I wasn’t just doing a pink accent nail. It created the opportunity for me to spread awareness and talk about the disease. And I got to make a statement at the same time! For my manicure, I used mark.’s Nailed It Trend Mini Lacquer in Mode on my other nails, topped with a silver glitter French tip. I finished the look with Color Club’s He Loves Me – a perfectly bright candy pink!  If I could spread the word to so many people from one manicure, imagine what could happen if every woman painted her pinky pink!”

Kristine, Editor-in-Chief

“I wanted to make my pink really pop, because then the pinkie is really noticeable and people ask about it. Talking about the campaign is part of spreading the word! I kept the rest of my nails simple. For the gray, I used my favorite classic shade, OPI’s Skull and Glossbones. I started out with a pink base (Avon’s Coral Reef) and went over it with Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Razzle Dazzle.) I’m really happy with the results and I love the idea!”

Tashay, Food Editor

“Our mission for this week was to promote Breast Cancer Awarenes by showing solidarity and painting our pinky nails pink. My nails aren’t very long but I decided to do it because we should all do your part to raise awareness no matter the length of our nails! I have a base coat of Wet n Wild’s Blazed and a topcoat of Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush in Razzle Dazzle. The second shade is one of my favorite polishes. All you need are two coats and the glitter really pops. Why paint our pinkies pink? I say it makes sense for two reasons: One, It’s a fun conversation starter about this month. Two, It’s very important that women (and yes, even men) remember to give themselves regular breast health exams. All it takes is a touch to know whether you’re healthy or if you should get yourself checked out by a medical professional. It’s all about your hands! So don’t forget to check yourself and show solidarity by painting your pinkies pink!”

Tweet us @Collaboreight if you paint your pinkies pink this October!

One comment on “Manicure Monday: Paint Your Pinkies Pink!

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