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Foodie Friday: Strawberry Hearts

Hello Fellow Food Adventurers, Today I’m  going to show you how to easily embellish any cocktail or drink you’re serving. These are great to float in martinis like a Cosmo or to put on the side the a glass of a strawberry daiquiri.  I’ve also used these when I make someone I love breakfast-in-bed and I always top […]

Foodie Friday: Broccoli Bacon Quiche

Hello Fellow Food Adventures, I hope that everyone is having an amazing holiday season, cause I know I am! I know that the morning after a holiday party I just want a breakfast that is easy to throw together and doesn’t need much babysitting. There is some prep work at the beginning but once you […]

Chocolate and Peanut Butter? Yes.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter? Yes.

When I’m not sure what to get a friend for a birthday or special occasion, that’s when I’m glad that I have a certain set of skills to my advantage. By this I mean that I’m able to go on to allrecipes.com (my absolute go-to site for quick and delicious kitchen tested recipes) and find […]

Chicken Challenge: Can You Make a Whole Chicken? Yes You Can!

Well readers, if you’re anything like me (and I would hope some of you are,) then you have a great admiration for simple hearty cooking. The reason I admire this culinary style is because it works with ingredients that fill you up with a kind of warmth that seems to last hours. If you’re like, […]

Relatively Simple No-Boil Lasagna!

Relatively Simple No-Boil Lasagna!

The fact that my family and I have a deep love for Italian food may seem a little odd, given that we are Puerto Rican and have never traveled outside of our island and the United States. My exposure to good pizza, lasagna, good mozzarella and other delicacies have come through the blessing of having extended family […]

Make Your Own: S’Mac Style Cheeseburger Macaroni

I recently visited a small New York staple (if you happen to be around the 14th street area) to purchase some comfort food I could indulge in. Not being someone to care about calories when it comes to comfort food, I wanted to eat some ooey gooey Cheeseburger Macaroni by the spoonful and I wanted […]