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Trend Report: Dragonfly Gems

One time, (or maybe even more than once) I was sitting in the park and out of nowhere, a dragonfly dive-bombed into my face. I guess I must have gotten over it, because I’m totally digging the latest jewelery trend: glitzy dragonfly gems. These (usually) graceful creatures aren’t just hot on the runways — they’re […]

Juicy Couture ‘Viva la Juicy – La Fleur’

Ladies, at some point or another, you’ve surely donned something Juicy Couture. It’s likely because the brand has something for everyone: from the terry cloth bags with cutesy plastic cherry charms that you loved in middle school to the luxe dresses that you’re drooling over for your fall wardrobe right now. But the most consistently […]

Birchbox – And Why You Should Try It!

As a lover of all things beauty, I know the longing feeling of wanting to try every new product out there.  I also know how expensive such a habit can be, as well as the heartbreak of an empty bank account.  In order to curb my spending, I joined Birchbox.  I like to explain Birchbox […]