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Demasié Cookies: Barcelona, Spain

When I travel, I make it a point to try out as many local eateries as possible. The quickest and most cost-effective way to sample tons of small shops in a short period of time is to pick up snacks and desserts at places other than where you dine. That’s exactly how I came across the cookie haven that is Demasié: Galetes Exageradament Bones on my latest adventures in Barcelona, Spain.

The cookie collection at the shop was incredible, and with a name that translates to “Outrageously Good Cookies,” it’s really not surprising. I visited shortly after Halloween, so there were plenty ridiculously adorable gingerbread man cookies decorated to look like zombies and vampires. (In a cute way.) Not only did the treats have a silly, warped sense of humor to them, but they were delightful paired with an evening cup of tea. The festive rainbow M&Ms cookies also were delicious!

The store also sells tins of chocolates, truffles, and fudges that are equally yummy and giftable – a nice personal item to pick up for friends and family back home if you go traveling. (I’ve got to admit that I didn’t gift any treats from Demasié when I came home, but only because I ate everything myself.) If I lived in the area, I’d stop by regularly to see which other cleverly decorated baked goods showed up in the cases – it was definitely one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I had during my trip to the city!

Note: There are 3 Demasié cookie shops in Spain, one of which is a larger cafe. If you want to go to the one I visited, the address is Princesa 28, 08003 Barcelona. Check out their site for opening times and phone numbers.

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One comment on “Demasié Cookies: Barcelona, Spain

  1. Having had these cookies, I can attest to how fab they were. No matter how many you bring home, it’s still not enough.

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