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Warby Parker, FashionABLE & Fashion Delivers: Philanthropic Fashion

Warby Parker Eyewear, Instagram

As a woman of fashion, I tend to spend a good bit of money on accessories and clothing. In order to make a positive impact in my world, I try to make purchases from companies that do charitable work or give portions of their profits to various philanthropies. When I spend money or make a donation, I want to make sure it goes toward doing the most good it possibly can. Although I am a firm believer that a single person can make a difference in the world, I have also observed that by working together we can make a greater impact. Because of this, I like to focus on partnering with philanthropic groups whose work I admire. Sometimes, I do this by purchasing items I want and need from companies that give back. Other times, I choose to give directly to a cause or organization. Check out my favorite ways to give back through fashion!

One of my favorite companies to support is Warby Parker. This online retailer of fashionable eyewear is easy to support because they keep their prices low. In fact, designer eyeglasses from Warby Parker are about half what you would spend elsewhere. In addition to keeping prices low and quality high, Warby also give back by partnering with non-profit organizations to train low-income entrepreneurs to sell affordable eyewear–bringing the gift of sight to people around the world.

FashionABLE scarf

Another great company is FashionABLE. Scarves are one of this season’s favorite fashion accessories — you can do so much with a single, decorative piece of fabric to breathe fresh life into an outfit. The scarves at FashionABLE are made by women in Africa who are trained and given an living wage. The company also provides career training to help women start their own, lucrative businesses.

Since I love fashion, I’m always interested in philanthropies that do good through fashion. That’s part of why I support Fashion Delivers with frequent cash donations. Fashion Delivers helps combat poverty caused by natural disasters through the delivery and distribution of new men’s and women’s clothing as well as home furnishings. Manufacturers donate all of the new products to Fashion Delivers, and the organization uses private cash donations to fund delivery and distribution of the clothing and home furnishings across the United States.

There are many ways to give back. I hope these ideas inspire you.

–Morgan Gray

Morgan Gray is a fashion enthusiast making her way into the blogging community. She enjoys all things fashion, beauty and decor and was inspired to share her tips and tricks by writing her own blog Gray & Gabbana.

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