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Instant Moroccan Summer Vacation: mark. Marrakesh Collection

Whether you go all out with international adventures or enjoy tons of quirky local road trips throughout the season, everyone needs a bit of a summer getaway! I mean, how nice would it be just to pop on over to Morocco for a little sun and exploring? If a trip across the globe isn’t within your reach, mark. has introduced a new way to fake a vacation. With a delightful signature scent that will transport your senses to other worlds, to a glowing bronzer that gives you a faux-glow of a two week vacay, to Moroccan-inspired accessories straight out of the marketplace, the limited edition mark. Marrakesh collection has you covered!

mark.’s summer city collections are hands-down my favorites from the brand: I still use and love my Ibiza shades of promotions past that I got years ago: and every application is a mini-getaway to a fun corner of the globe. Marrakesh is an exciting new collection — and the Moroccan city’s inspiration is everywhere.

In this case, the fragrance started it all. The entire Marrakesh collection works around the line’s signature scent and city inspiration. The Marrakesh Eau de Toilette Spray immediately transports you to your dream vacation destination. With notes of Moroccan jasmine, neroli blossoms, spicy cardamom, wild fig and crushed mint, the scents of the city marketplace are brought right to you! Spritz on a spray of this fragrance on a scorching hot day, and you can save yourself the international airfare!

Rich earth tones and sparkling metallics make up the gorgeous eye and nail shades of the Marrakesh collection. Your new summer neutral nail shades are sure to be these mini Nailed It Nail Lacquers. You wouldn’t think of green and gold as basic shades, but both bring out the gold tones in your skin – which helps you fake a tan or enhance your natural glow. Plus, they already look great paired together, so they take your nail art guesswork down to a minimum.

Same goes for the Exotic Hues Eye Trio. The three shades compliment each other — and most importantly, YOU! — to create a subtle shimmering smokey eye look. You know, the kind you would rock if you were having lunch in Marrakesh. The swirled powders are actually baked, which makes them great for delivering high-impact color when applied either wet or dry. The vibrant shades are inspired by the spice markets of the souks of Morocco – so they have that natural richness to them. Saffron, curry, and cardamom are great shades for summer!

I’m really impressed with the jewelry in the Marrakesh line: the accessories look like unique finds that you would pluck from vendors at the markets. While they are definitely statement pieces, they are not overwhelming in size or graphic quality. I personally love accumulating an armload of bangles from each of my trips, and these pretty pieces are an easy way to do that. The Exotic Flair Stretch Bracelet has a totally modern zig zag pattern, but a mysterious old-world inspiration to it. It’s a great combination of both!

The Mesh Together Necklace also combines the old and new world styles. The detailed beading evokes a rich historical past, but the giant statement bib necklace is a major fashion-forward trend right now! Pair it with your maxi dress for a historical throwback or layer it over a buttoned up tank for an edgy, modern vibe.

What do YOU think of mark.’s Marrakesh Collection? Are these pieces inspiring your travels? Check out the entire collection here.

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