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A Beauty Review: Benefit’s The POREfessional

Still on my “flawless face” kick, I’m in the process of testing out different products and techniques to help me get just that – a flawless face. From skincare to concealer, I’ll stop at nothing to figure out what works best for me. Next on my list? Benefit’s The POREfessional, which aims to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, helping you to get the flawless look. Sounds great, but does it work? Read on to hear more about The POREfessional.

I don’t know how much other people actually notice large pores, but I definitely notice them on myself. I could never understand how some girls’ skin looks so … poreless and smooth, while I’m over here with pores all over the place. I know everyone actually has pores all over, but I always feel like mine are more noticeable than the average person. Finding something to hide my pores wouldn’t make my skin perfect, but it would definitely make me feel better about myself.

To use The POREfessional, you apply it with your fingertips after your moisturizer/before your makeup. Fresh out of the tube, it looks almost like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, but it applies transparent and feels totally weightless. It actually almost feels like it turns into a powder the moment you smooth it onto your skin. As a girl with oily/combination skin, I can definitely appreciate that. It didn’t hide my pores completely as I was hoping, but there was a noticeable difference in the before and after.

I tried The POREfessional for about a week before writing this. I forgot to put it on before I went to work one day, and I actually felt like I was missing it. I wouldn’t say that this is the miracle product that gives me smooth, poreless skin, but it definitely helps – I feel more confident when I have it on.  Isn’t that what we’re all looking for, anyway?

Benefit also recommends that you reapply any time you see your pores peeking through. I typically don’t carry any of my makeup (other than some lip gloss or lipstick) with me all day, but for the sake of the review, I reapplied The POREfessional on top of my makeup before going out to dinner one night and it worked just as we’ll over makeup as it did under my makeup.  It seems to last fairly well, so I personally don’t think it’s necessary to carry around for on-the-spot touch-ups, but I definitely plan on using it to refresh my makeup in the future before a night out.

Disclosure: I received The POREfessional from Benefit Cosmetics for the purpose of reviewing. The opinions stated in this post are my own.

About Kathleen Tower

Kathleen is the style editor for The Collabor-eight. She's a 23-year-old true Jersey girl; big hair, bigger heart. Her passion for beauty and makeup started with an internship at Seventeen Magazine and has grown ever since. After graduating from Villanova, she turned her love for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter into a full-time job as a social media coordinator! When she's not at work, she's browsing everywhere from the Internet to the streets for her own "Manicure Monday" inspiration. She believes that true style comes from a mix of high and low, designer and drugstore, expensive splurges and nearly steals!

One comment on “A Beauty Review: Benefit’s The POREfessional

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