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Michael’s of Brooklyn: Homemade Italian Sauces

Photo: BrooklynMakers.com

There are tons of Michaels in Brooklyn, but there is only one true Michael’s of Brooklyn, an Italian restaurant that has made their delicious homemade sauces widely available across the Northeast. See how to spice up your own home cooking with one of these simply spectacular sauces!

Bursting with flavor, these sauces will bring your Italian cooking back to basics. The labels happily share the fresh ingredients, along with an emphatic “nothing else!!!” If you raided your grandma’s garden and plucked ripe tomatoes and herbs off the vines, you would get the classic flavors that Michael’s of Brooklyn spotlights in their sauces.

Here are the sauces, as explained by Michael’s:

Let me tell you, I know great Italian food. I’m not Italian myself, but I grew up in New Jersey, where the fresh and finest tomatoes are nearby — and expected! The Italian community in Brooklyn has even higher standards of delicious, authentic foods. If you’re looking for a classic pasta sauce that doesn’t sacrifice on the flavor, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Michael’s of Brooklyn Marinara Sauce. Though it is made out of basic, fresh ingredients, it adds rich, bold flavor to even your plainest pasta dishes. The Arribata Sauce kicks up the marinara a little bit more with some hot peppers.

The veggie-packed sauces are so rich that you really don’t have to add much more to your dishes to transform them into complete meals. Add a few seasonal veggies or some simple chicken cuts to the sauce with your pasta for an easy tasty home-cooked meal.

In my area, Michael’s of Brooklyn sauces are sold at Whole Foods and ShopRite. If you’re having trouble finding sauces in stores near you, check out this list of locations. You can also purchase larger orders online. Let us know what you think!


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