Red Widow: The Next ABC “It” Show?

So I admit, I don’t watch ABC’s drama packed shows, Revenge or Scandal. But from what I can gather through sneak peeks, previews, and just the word on the street ;-), Red Widow seems like it could quite possibly become this network’s next must watch show.
Red Widow‘s premiere last Sunday (3/3) has me excited to see where the plot goes. Radha Mitchell plays Marta Walraven, a housewife who finds herself in deep with an international crime boss, Nicholae Schiller (Goran Visnjic), when her husband, Evan, is murdered by an unknown. Evan’s mysterious murder leaves Marta responsible for his debt to Nicholae and she’ll need to satisfy that debt if she wants everyone she cares about to live.

But who killed Evan?
How far will Marta need to go?
How much about Marta is not what it seems?
Why am I so addicted already?

One reason is that I’m already emotionally invested. Never before have I gotten so connected, so quickly to characters. Evan Walraven (Anson Mount) is on the show for such a short amount of time that ABC’s Red Widow website doesn’t even include him in character bios– he’s there during the Pilot- and then he’s not. And yet, when he’s murdered (not a spoiler, it’s on all advertisements) I cared. Really cared. More than I’ve ever cared about a character I’ve only known for an episode. And that, people, is one reason I believe this show’s got serious potential.

Another reason is that Red Widow (for whatever reason) reminds me a bit of The Punisher. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely its own show, but it’s got a revenge type quality, a level of intrigue, and a deep rooted betrayal within the family that brings The Punisher to mind. When you watch (on Sundays at 10/9c), let me know if you feel this vibe too.

3 comments on “Red Widow: The Next ABC “It” Show?

  1. “Red Widow” seems to be a winner, BUT I’m hearing impaired and the ‘Closed Captioning (CC) ‘ does not work. We tried to watch the pilot and 2nd week, but the captioning flashes on and off so quickly, it’s impossible to read. My husband and neighbors said the audio lacks clarity…..maybe this is the problem..

    • Maureen, I’m really sorry to hear that. I’d expect ABC to be better about ensuring their shows are accessible to all audiences. I’ll be sure to post your concern on the Red Widow Facebook page. If enough people say something they’ll get it together. I’m sure you’re not the only person who’s noticed this!

  2. Officially started watching and am now caught up. I’m finding some parts of the plot hard to follow, and just the jerking back and forth between scenes and plot points is distracting. But overall, I think I’ll be keeping up with this one!

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