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Skeeter Snacks: Tasty 100% Nut-Free Cookies You’ll Go Nuts For

Meet Skeeter: he’s a squirrel that’s allergic to nuts. Wait, what?! Before you wonder how that’s even possible, pause for a second to think about how many humans are affected by nut allergies Skeeter Snacks is a company that understands that having dietary restrictions doesn’t mean having to eat bland, cardboard-like food. Not only are Skeeter’s cookies free of nuts, they’re manufactured in a 100% peanut and tree-nut free facility. Read all about it here!

Even though I do not personally have a nut allergy, I understand how difficult it is to track down foods that can fully accommodate sensitivities. Just because something’s not explicitly made with an ingredient does not mean the product has ever come into contact with it. Skeeter’s cookies are safe, cute, and most importantly: delicious! Even without a nut sensitivity, I’ve been chowing down on the Chocolate Chunk variety since my mom brought them home! Other flavors available are Skeeter Doodle and Golden Oatmeal.

The great taste and cute individual packaging (2 large cookies per pack) is a great way for kids with food allergies to be included at snacktime. They don’t have to pull out an ugly, super health food looking treat pack as their friends enjoy the tasty ingredients of other products. No yumminess is sacrificed here! Skeeter the Squirrel’s allergy also makes him a relatable mascot. He has a full bio on the brand’s website. (Did you know what CARS is his favorite movie, but he didn’t think the sequel was that great? I totally agree.)

You should be able to pick up these cookies at major supermarkets. (My family got them at ShopRite.) They’re priced just right and you’ll enjoy them even if you haven’t got a dietary concern in the world- which is a serious recipe for perfection. If you need more info on nut allergies, make sure check out Teens Health.

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Kristine is a writer from New Jersey. When not quoting Tolstoy or catching up on her Twitter feed, she can be found watching iCarly or perusing the clearance racks at Bloomingdales.

One comment on “Skeeter Snacks: Tasty 100% Nut-Free Cookies You’ll Go Nuts For

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