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The (Newest) Shops at Target

The newest set of Shops at Target have launched in stores and online today, and we couldn’t be more excited about them! Target launched the original Shops at Target back in May, with a fun mix of products from fashion, beauty, home, and food boutiques from around the country.  Now, Target has teamed up with four awesome new boutiques that are sure to make you want to shop!  Our EIC, Kristine, recently got to check out all the Shops before they launched at Fashion’s Night Out in NYC.

Read on to see what we thought of the latest Shops at Target!

  1. Kirna Zabete Manhattan

    For: The professional, yet style-savvy woman who loves high-fashion and the latest trends.

    I say: Women’s outerwear, clothes, jewelry, and handbags.  I’m really loving their collection because I’ve been looking for professional-looking clothes that aren’twomen’s pantsuits.  The solids, the patterns, I love them all. To be completely honest, the moment I’m done writing this, I’m going shopping.

    Style in 5 words: Classic with a modern feel.

  2. The Curiosity Shoppe San Francisco

    For: The quirky home decorator with a love for nostalgia.

    I say: These pieces are definitely different than most home pieces you would find … well, anywhere.  They have a very vintage feel, and you might ask why you would need some of these items (does anyone use ceramic milk bottles anymore?), but they’re all conversation pieces with a nostalgic feel.  If you furnished your kitchen completely with items from The Curiosity Shoppe, you’d think you stepped into the 1960s.

    Style in 5 words: Cute garage sale-looking items. (In a good way!)

  3. Odin New York New York

    For: The stylish man in your life, or the girl who wants her man to dress better.

    I say: There is just something about men’s fashion, isn’t there? Odin has men’s pants, sweaters, outerwear, shoes – and they even make flannel shirts look good. I think it’s absolutely dreamy when men wear scarves, and this collection has the perfect scarves for your man. I think it’s very stylish, but still masculine. Time for Christmas shopping for my boyfriend!

    Style in 5 words: David Beckham or George Clooney.

  4. Patch NYC Boston

    For: Those who want woodland creatures in their homes.

    I say: There are some things from Patch NYC that I absolutely love, specifically their bedding, poufs, and throws.  Some of their products border on creepy if you put too many of them together.  This owl lamp is cute, but if you put it next to the owl pillow, woodpecker pitcher, animal glasses, and fox candle holder, it might cross the line into creepy-cabin-in-the-woods territory.

    Style in 5 words: The city’s answer to backwoods.

What do you think of the newest Shops at Target?

About Kathleen Tower

Kathleen is the style editor for The Collabor-eight. She's a 23-year-old true Jersey girl; big hair, bigger heart. Her passion for beauty and makeup started with an internship at Seventeen Magazine and has grown ever since. After graduating from Villanova, she turned her love for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter into a full-time job as a social media coordinator! When she's not at work, she's browsing everywhere from the Internet to the streets for her own "Manicure Monday" inspiration. She believes that true style comes from a mix of high and low, designer and drugstore, expensive splurges and nearly steals!

One comment on “The (Newest) Shops at Target

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