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Captivating Hot Messes: Bad Girls Club – Mexico

Some days there seems to be nothing to watch on TV. Whether you have 10 channels or 200 there inevitably comes a day when you’re flipping through for something to watch and absolutely nothing seems appealing. These are the days when you really just don’t feel like watching Top Gun for the 42nd time and Matrix Revolutions on TNT isn’t going to cut it.

This was the sad predicament I found myself in this past Labor Day. And since the pickings were depressingly slim I decided to check out a show I’ve never watched before but seemed to be the mindless entertainment I was looking for before the start of an extremely busy week: Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club – Mexico.

This was my first time watching Bad Girls Club – Mexico and I swear I could not stop watching this marathon of train-wrecks, inappropriate/insane reactions to normal situations, and rock bottom displays of low self-esteem. These women have serious anger management issues to say the least. What’s awesome though is that despite most of them being what most of the human race would consider outrageous bitches it’s hard not to like some of them– a lot.

Despite all being “bad girls” this cast is quite diverse which suggests this show has a little something for everyone. While cast members like Ashley (who proudly identifies herself as “a white Snooki girl”) are so sweet, loyal and candid that you may find yourself angry when she’s targeted by monstrosities like Christina there are also girls in the house that make you actually yell at the television screen in disgust.

Yet above all of this entertainment and drama is a very important message: don’t judge someone without really getting to know what they’ve been through and how what has happened to them has shaped who they are. Are these the kind of women I personally want to be locked up with? Absolutely not. But are they the way they are for a reason? For many… yes.

Tune in if you want to be extremely shocked, appalled, touched, and most importantly– entertained!

One comment on “Captivating Hot Messes: Bad Girls Club – Mexico

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