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Listen and download free: Oddisee, Haim, Azealia Banks, Childish Gambino

At Collaboreight, we love free things. While I definitely don’t mind paying for good music, not paying for good music is icing on the cake. I have some songs, an EP, and two mixtapes waiting for you on the other side.

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Oddisee, “Way In Way Out” and “The Need Superficial”
Genre: hip-hop/rap
I love Oddisee’s flow and the self-production of these songs, which reminds me of Kanye West during his College Dropout days. Oddisee says of his album People Hear What They See as one “…about influence, inspiration, perception & reality. Every song was written in an outside environment, so that I could observe the subjects that would become my subject matter…By having a visual representation of my subject matter, my hopes are that the listener will see them through the worlds & melodies of my songs.”

Genre: indie pop
Los Angeles band Haim is made up of three sisters: vocalist and guitarist Danielle, rhythm guitarist Alana, and bassist Este. They re-released their three song EP Forever on iTunes last month, but they released that same EP back in March for free (which I found – I’m sneaky, I know). When I first listened to their music, I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t have to listen to another indie pop band with weak vocals and a buzzy, lo-fi mess of a sound. Thankfully this isn’t the case here – Haim presents bright, drum-fueled pop and dreamy harmonies. Though “Forever” is the essential track here, the other two are solid as well.
Download Forever.

Azealia Banks, Fantasea
Genre: hip-hop/rap
I managed to avoid the Azealia Banks bandwagon for a while now, but today I downloaded her just-released mixtape Fantasea because the link was available and ready. Banks can best described as a mix of Missy Elliott and Lil Kim. Her song “212” launched her into the spotlight so one would think Fantasea would have at least a few songs with that same x-factor. Well after a few listens, this mixtape just gets a big ol’ shoulder shrug from me. The only tracks I like are the Diplo-produced “Fuck Up the Fun” and “Esta Noche” (which samples Montell Jordan’s “Get It On Tonite” – YES). Just stick to those and “212” and you’ll be alright.
Download Fantasea and then delete everything but “Fuck Up the Fun” and “Esta Noche.”

Childish GambinoRoyalty
Genre: hip-hop/rap
Donald Glover is a writer (30 Rock), actor (Community), comedian, and rapper – all of which he’s been pretty successful at. Royalty is an 18 song mixtape that packs a punch. Nearly every song is a collaboration with another artist. “Toxic” ft. Danny Brown is a fun track because the instrumental and chorus are remixed samples of Britney Spears’ hit. Some might complain that “Wonderful” ft. Josh Osho is a blatant attempt to create something really mainstream, but it’s too melodic to not like. The only track  I could do without is “Make It Go Right” because of Kilo Kish’s sleepy voice. Some of the many highlights on Royalty: “We Ain’t Them,” “Shoulda Known,” “Won’t Stop” ft. Danielle Haim (yeah, that Danielle Haim I just talked about up there), and Tina Fey’s rap at the end of “Real Estate” (yeah, that Tina Fey).
Download Royalty.

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  1. Why is Donald Glover good at everything? I’ll just sit here and be talentless.

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