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LUSH Cosmetics’ #GayIsOk Soap Is Sparkly & Fabulous – For a Cause

If you know anything about me, you know that any cosmetic or accessory that is glittery, sparkly, and dipped in gold is right up my alley. So when that product also comes with a way to help out a huge international rights issue, count me in. One of my favorite bath and body brands, LUSH […]

Brand Spotlight: Klockargårdens, Sweden

Somehow I have made it a personal tradition to check out handmade locally made soaps on my world travels. I started scoping out new beauty finds on my trips just out of  interest, but my family quickly found that having a unique, sweet-smelling soap in the bathroom is a daily reminder of a wonderful trip. Since […]

Zombie Repellent Soap: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

I always imagined that zombies would hate cleanliness. I’m a fan of zombie movies, and those guys never seem to take baths. So when I came across this Zombie Repellent Soap, I was surprised to learn that it smells like fennel and star anise: the true scents that zombies hate. If you’re in the mood […]

Brand Spotlight: Rituals, Amsterdam

I was first introduced to Rituals, a spa brand from The Netherlands, while working in the Marie Claire beauty closet. MC works on tons of international stories, and the best products from around the globe are often spotlighted. While these stories are always fun to read, they’re really tricky to work on. Some brands are impossible […]