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Manicure Monday: Halloweenified

Manicure Monday: Halloweenified

With Halloween coming up, I wanted to make sure this week’s Manicure Monday was spooky! Whether you dress up in full costume for Halloween or not, nail art is a great way to celebrate the holiday.  It’s a simple statement that can make a big impact.  And with Halloween, there are so many different designs […]

A Beauty Review: Milani HD Advanced Lip Color

Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Candy Apple and Ignition ($8.99) Ignition is a coral red, and Candy Apple is a true red.  Both colors go on sheer and shiny. This is the perfect lipstick for people who don’t like lipstick.  Why?

My Journey of Hair

In January of 2008, I made a decision.  It was my senior year of high school, and a time of uncertainty.  Where would I be a year from then?  What would I be doing?  Who would I be friends with?  For most people, it’s a big decision-making time.  This decision was unlike many that others […]

Manicure Monday: Violet Daze

As you may or may not know, manicures are my thing.  Little Orphan Annie might say that you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but I like to say that you’re never fully dressed without a fresh mani. Last Thursday, I was getting ready for my last college formal.  I wanted to go all out.  I […]