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Loova: Pittsburgh, PA

The weather is getting lovely, but as we’re all happily embracing shorter hemline season, we are starting to remember that it means showing lots of skin! If your legs are anything like mine, they have likely spent the winter months becoming pasty and flaky. I found my skin’s ultimate treat in the form of luxurious […]

How the Room Came to Smell Like a Rose

I was walking down Liberty Ave. in Pittsburgh, PA scoping out local hotspots when I came across a bookstore called Awesome Books. Awesome, huh? Total “you-had-me-at-hello” moment. I went in and found an entire bookshelf stocked with novels, poetry, and anthologies by Pittsburgh authors. Score! As a collector of unique finds from my travels and […]

Crazy Mocha Coffee Company: Pittsburgh, PA

I doubt I’d surprise anyone by admitting that the main reason I was drawn to Pittsburgh’s Crazy Mocha coffee shops was their goat logo. I mean, come on. Goats! Even though they’re the least likely animals I’d associate with beverages, read on to find out why Crazy Mocha was all kinds of right! 

Curry on Murray: Pittsburgh, PA

I’m currently traveling for a week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I am excited to share some local flavors! The first bit of Pittsburgh I got seriously excited about is Thai restaurant, Curry on Murray. It’s appropriately located on Murray Ave. in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh. (Which came first: the name, or the real estate?) I […]