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Red Bamboo: New York City

Red Bamboo: New York City

Could I, a longtime vegetarian, convince full-fledged devoted meat-eaters to try out a vegetarian/vegan restaurant? Sure. You know, once. But could I convince them that the food tasted just like their favorites from a conventional restaurant? That is, admittedly, a much tougher sell. So I decided to put Red Bamboo, my favorite NYU-area eatery, to […]

Davids Tea: Warm Up With a Custom Cup

I absolutely love tea. My mugs are constantly being filled, refilled, and topped off with steamy, leafy goodness. Davids Tea is my new gem of a discovery. Walking down 21st St. in Manhattan this morning, I stumbled across a Davids Tea that was handing out shot glasses full of hot peppermint tea samples. Impromptu midday […]

Henri Bendel’s New York City Trash Can

If there’s one thing never lacking in New York City, it’s the heaping, overflowing cans of trash. New York City Trash Mix from Henri Bendel is far from the gross messes you’re now imagining: it’s actually a clever, tasty treat that’s perfectly packaged in a fun tin trash bin for gifting. This can is (of course,) […]

God’s Love We Deliver: New York City

Being in New York and New Jersey right now as teams of volunteers are pitching in to help clean up and provide food and shelter for those affected by Hurricane Sandy (thank you!), I’m reminded more than ever of groups that put this much effort into helping people get much needed nutrition all year round. I’d like […]

Urban Decay’s Limited Edition NYC Palette

Even if you’re not from the New York area, you’ll love this makeup tribute. Urban Decay is back with their latest Book Of Shadows (these all-inclusive palettes have a major cult following in the beauty world.) The fun, graphic pop-up book style case is enough to grab your attention, but  16 edgy yet colorful eyeshadows, […]