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Manicure Monday: Gradient Graffiti

Manicure Monday: Gradient Graffiti

In what was possibly the most perfect gift for me, I was given a Michael Kors Nail Lacquer gift set, complete with Runway Star, Rock Star and Superstar – three glam shimmery shades.  I immediately fell in love with the colors and the opacity of the polishes.  I had to create a rock star manicure to […]

Trend Spotting on a Budget

So Women’s Wear Daily is your bible, New York Fashion Week is your Christmas, and fashion is your religion.  You eat, sleep, and breathe the latest trends.  You never miss a red carpet event – even if you’re just watching it on TV.  A lot of women find themselves fascinated by the world of fashion. […]

Tech Style

I have always considered myself pretty tech-savvy.  That is until I met my boyfriend.  Apparently, being tech-savvy means way more than knowing how to navigate the social media scene and check your email.  You have to know about giga-bytes (does that word even get hyphenated?), RAM, pixels, retina displays, 1080p, UI’s, OS’s, and a lot of […]