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Listen Live: Allen Stone, ‘Unaware’

Genre: R&B/soul Sounds like: Mayer Hawthorne if he could sing (zing!) Worth checking out: “You and I” (Stevie Wonder cover), “Satisfaction”, “Contact High” Video highlights: the first few seconds after 0:18 when you realize you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the bridge of the song that starts at 1:23 Allen Stone is one of the […]

Listen Live: Kimbra – ‘Cameo Lover’ (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Kimbra – Cameo Lover Genre: Alternative pop/soul Sounds like: A combination of ‘50s pop and doo-wop with an indie rock twist Worth checking out: Two Way Street (Live at Sing Sing Studios) Video highlights: the moment you realize Kimbra’s vocal prowess when she sings the word ‘trouble’ at 0:24, the tambourine at 0:45, her bom-bom-boms […]