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Library Launch (cont)…

“Hey Pierre, so I know I said that I was excited about this site, but I just got an email from an underage goth kid from California.”  Clearly I don’t have a filter under pressure.  “Is there some kind of setting where I can block these people?”  Freaking out.  I half expected a novel about […]

Keep the Change, Ya Filthy Animal (cont…)

**Technical glitch – sorry for the day delay on the post!!** I completely forgot.  I was a totally different person when he met me.  Long, gorgeous brown locks, perfect part on the side and bangs.  Eye glasses to top off a sexy smart look.  This man was attracted to my post-breakup identity and was staring […]

Bucktooth Betty (continued)…

“You can completely say no,” he started.  “But one of your cavities is perfect for my regional board exams coming up.  I mean, if you gave me the opportunity to fill this tooth, this would be at no charge.” I liked this.  When it came to buying drinks for friends and splurging on weekend getaways, […]

15 Minute Review: White Teeth by Zadie Smith

15 Minute Review: White Teeth by Zadie Smith

Like the title explains, this is a  review of the book “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith after a fifteen minute reading. Sometimes the first fifteen minutes of reading a book is enough to reveal whether or not the purchase was a mistake. I’ll choose various books at random and present first impressions in a hopefully useful way. […]