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Foodie Friday: ‘No More Leftovers’ Fried Rice

Hello Fellow Food Adventurers, I’m always catching myself with a ton of leftovers from all those holiday dinners that aren’t enough for a regular meal. My solution is throwing it all in a pan and making fried rice. This is great for if you have any left over chicken, beef, pork and vegetables. Here’s how you can […]

Foodie Friday: Broccoli Bacon Quiche

Hello Fellow Food Adventures, I hope that everyone is having an amazing holiday season, cause I know I am! I know that the morning after a holiday party I just want a breakfast that is easy to throw together and doesn’t need much babysitting. There is some prep work at the beginning but once you […]

Foodie Friday: Tortellini with Mushrooms and Roasted Romanesco

Hello Fellow Food Adventures, Welcome to my very first post on Collabor-eight and the wonderful beginning of “Foodie Fridays.” Today I have a treat for you; I am working with Romanesco, the weirdest veggie I have ever seen in my life. It is a creepy cross between broccoli and cauliflower and is super easy to cook and very […]

Bubbakoo’s Burritos: Point Pleasant, NJ

When I first set out to write my review of Bubbakoo’s Burritos, I only expected to rave about their amazing burritos. But since I began writing this post, the Jersey Shore locations were among those cities hit hardest during Hurricane Sandy. The chains of Bubbakoo’s are back up and running, but serving a new purpose […]