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Unfiltered Thoughts About Cronuts

Remember when cronuts first hit the dessert scene a few years back and literally everyone on the planet was clamoring to try out the half-donut half-croissant creation? There was no line too long to wait on, when the promise of a cronut was the final outcome. Yeah, so I wasn’t really into it. I’ve never […]

Relish: An Adventure In Food, Style, and Everyday Fun

You probably know Daphne Oz as a co-host from ABC’s clever food-based talk show, The Chew. So you already probably know how awesome her recipes are, and that she frequently puts a new spin on old favorites. She frequently makes vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals, which I always appreciate. In her new book, Relish: An Adventure In […]

Foodie Friday: ‘No More Leftovers’ Fried Rice

Hello Fellow Food Adventurers, I’m always catching myself with a ton of leftovers from all those holiday dinners that aren’t enough for a regular meal. My solution is throwing it all in a pan and making fried rice. This is great for if you have any left over chicken, beef, pork and vegetables. Here’s how you can […]

Foodie Friday: Tortellini with Mushrooms and Roasted Romanesco

Hello Fellow Food Adventures, Welcome to my very first post on Collabor-eight and the wonderful beginning of “Foodie Fridays.” Today I have a treat for you; I am working with Romanesco, the weirdest veggie I have ever seen in my life. It is a creepy cross between broccoli and cauliflower and is super easy to cook and very […]

Imagine There’s No Hunger: Hard Rock Cafe x John Lennon & WhyHunger

I never thought I would write an article that combined music and food, but that’s the beauty of collaborations. Hard Rock Cafe is teaming up with WhyHunger and the John Lennon Foundation of charities in order to eradicate hunger. This special partnership works around the world in countries including Haiti, India, Kenya, and Thailand. See how you […]

Chocolate and Peanut Butter? Yes.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter? Yes.

When I’m not sure what to get a friend for a birthday or special occasion, that’s when I’m glad that I have a certain set of skills to my advantage. By this I mean that I’m able to go on to allrecipes.com (my absolute go-to site for quick and delicious kitchen tested recipes) and find […]

God’s Love We Deliver: New York City

Being in New York and New Jersey right now as teams of volunteers are pitching in to help clean up and provide food and shelter for those affected by Hurricane Sandy (thank you!), I’m reminded more than ever of groups that put this much effort into helping people get much needed nutrition all year round. I’d like […]

Chicken for Cheese and Mushroom Lovers!

Chicken for Cheese and Mushroom Lovers!

Today I had a friend over for lunch and was inspired to whip out one of my go-to recipes for a quick and delicious meal. I’ve also made this as a special birthday dinner for my mother, so shout out to my mom! What I’m going to describe today is a no-fuss chicken the starts […]

From My Mom’s Kitchen: A Tasty Spamwich?? Yes!

My family has always enjoyed taking day trips to discover and re-experience all the local fun and sights available near or around our town. A lot of my childhood memories involve waking up early to get dressed, prep the car, grab some travel sized cereal boxes and sandwiches, stock up on water bottles and head […]

Relatively Simple No-Boil Lasagna!

Relatively Simple No-Boil Lasagna!

The fact that my family and I have a deep love for Italian food may seem a little odd, given that we are Puerto Rican and have never traveled outside of our island and the United States. My exposure to good pizza, lasagna, good mozzarella and other delicacies have come through the blessing of having extended family […]