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Chicken Challenge: Can You Make a Whole Chicken? Yes You Can!

Well readers, if you’re anything like me (and I would hope some of you are,) then you have a great admiration for simple hearty cooking. The reason I admire this culinary style is because it works with ingredients that fill you up with a kind of warmth that seems to last hours. If you’re like, […]

Chicken for Cheese and Mushroom Lovers!

Chicken for Cheese and Mushroom Lovers!

Today I had a friend over for lunch and was inspired to whip out one of my go-to recipes for a quick and delicious meal. I’ve also made this as a special birthday dinner for my mother, so shout out to my mom! What I’m going to describe today is a no-fuss chicken the starts […]

Trend Report: Cute Animals!

Okay, it’s no secret: I’m a tween girl at heart. Sometimes I dot my i’s with hearts. I giggle when I see bunnies hop by. Sparkly eyeshadow and glitter nail polishes are often welcome distractions from the hectic world of grad school and real life. And when I finally make it home at night, I […]