The Fashion Coloring Book

I can be heard shrieking about a designer’s new collection within minutes of entering a Bloomingdale’s. How can I instantly recognize the new Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs, and Diane Von Furstenberg collections?  Silhouettes, fabrics, and patterns! If you have always wanted to give designing a try (but, like me, have none of that pesky […]

The Truth About Men

Dr. Ian K. Smith, of VH1 Celebrity Fit Club fame, has come out with a book claiming to let women in on the human race’s best kept secret: what men are really thinking. Oh? Do tell. I received a free copy of this book while I was a member of the audience at a taping […]

Mamika the Great

I like books with pictures in them. This may surprise those of you who know that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature. (You know- because that means I read things.) I need to train myself to say “I like photography books,” because that statement will get me mistaken for a much more artistic […]


I’m usually wary of books that leave a copious amount of blank journal pages intended for my note keeping. I tend to fill them with jabs like “Note to author: finish book.”  While having spots dedicated to readers’ personal reflections always feels like a bit of a cop-out, there still seems to be some promise […]

Raising Eyebrows: Worth More Than A Browse

The relationship I share with my eyebrows is almost comical.  They’re blonde, so I usually make excuses and forgive them their unruliness. I can generally ignore them, but I still have an instant flash of self-hatred every time I catch a glimpse of them in my car’s rearview mirrors. (What is it about car mirrors […]