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Welcome to The Collabor-eight!

Thanks for clicking around our little corner of the Internet. The Collabor-eight is a collaborative blog featuring the ideas and talents of eight feature editors and countless contributors. This “blogazine” project aims to entertain and inform readers on a wide variety of our favorite topics. We aim to be globally focused curators of cool. We’re talking about our interests, and we hope you’ll be interested too!

“Collabor8” was founded in 2012 at NYU (hence our purple site!) by a bunch of twenty-somethings who like writing funny things. We sat around a conference table talking about how we could break into the tricky world of journalism — without sacrificing our signature styles. I believe the words “How could they not publish us, we’re hilarious!” were uttered, after many failed attempts to shop our sassy articles to pre-existing sites on the web. After we picked up a few more awesome writers, we had a clear vision. We wanted our site to be a one-stop shopping trip: a department store packed with all of our favorite things. We hope to be the source that will introduce you to a new favorite song, lipstick color, and movie all at the same time. We also wanted to be a venue for unpublished or underpublished writers to get their work out there, and gain some experience.

We tell it like it is. From day one, we have always said: If we love something, we’ll rave. If we hate it, we’ll bitch. We are not endorsing any products or being paid for our opinions. If we are getting free samples, we’ll let you know with a disclaimer in the piece.

If you have something we should know about, let us know!

Let’s be friends.


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  1. Greetings!
    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I have just started following your blog and think your collaborative mixture of offerings is a Lovely addition to blogdom. Check out the details on my recent post.
    Blue Skies,

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