Teen Wolf is Back!

The title of MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf is embarrassing. As was the cover photo that Netflix chose, before they removed the show from their libraries (much to the dismay of fans if the comment section is indicative of anything). Last year when I first tried to watch Teen Wolf both the title and the photo were the main reasons why I had absolutely no interest in ever watching the show. It looked and sounded like something no one over 16 should be watching. However, after months of hearing about how mature, smart and thrilling the show is from my BFF at work I decided to just try to watch the pilot to see what all the hooblah was about….I’ve been hooked ever since.

MTV’s Teen Wolf is actually a really awesome show that I’ve successfully gotten others hooked on now and hope you’ll check out. While yes, they are teens, their drama is not teenage drama and there are a lot of standout adult characters throughout. The basic premise (without giving anything away) is that a teenager in a town called Beacon Hills named Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) is bit by a powerful werewolf and becomes a werewolf himself. The show follows how he deals with this, his progression from the lowest type of werewolf to another, more powerful kind, and the actions that get him to that powerful level. Since he’s not the only character with secrets, abilities, and unclear motives the show keeps you on your feet. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Scott’s best friend, is witty, smart, loyal and such a loveable character and Allison (Crystal Reed), Scott’s on and off girlfriend, is quite the complicated person with quite a complex family and purpose on the show that is interesting to see unfold, though at times annoying. Also, let’s not forget that the incredibly sexy Tyler Hoechlin is on the show and is frequently shirtless….just saying 😉

This Monday (1/6) was the winter premiere of the show and things have taken a sharp turn into some creepy, thrilling and meaningful events. Actions were taken before the mid-season break that have proved to have severe and disturbing consequences that the main characters Scott, Stiles, and Allison look like they’re going to be faced with resolving. And if the consequences that were seen in this premiere are just the tip of the iceberg they’re going to want to resolve those issues ASAP! But how do they stop what is happening to each of them? How does one close a door that one cannot see or touch to stop something awful from spilling out?

I recommend you have a marathon of Teen Wolf to catch up on this show and then tune in and see what’s happening next on Mondays at 10/9c! You won’t be disappointed!

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