Brand Spotlight: FACE Stockholm

I’m currently traveling all throughout Scandinavia! Already I have been keeping track of the best of style, art, food, and beauty — all for you, of course! I am also finding that some of my favorite European brands from back home are more readily available here. As I settled in at my hotel in Aarhus, Denmark, I found that instead of crummy shampoo sample sizes and wasteful packaging, they stocked the bathroom with full size luxurious FACE Stockholm bath and body products! This is a beauty guru’s dream come true! Even though this brand was started in Sweden, it is quickly becoming the international brand to watch. I was introduced to this worldly beauty brand about a year ago, and their wonderful products seem to be following me wherever I go. Here’s what you need to be checking out.

So first of all, how cool is it that hotels out there are going so eco-friendly that they are refilling full-sized bath and beauty products for their guests? Shout out to Scandic Aarhus City for going the extra mile in terms of innovation and usefulness! But anyway — if you’re going to go all out with luxury, FACE is definitely the brand that you want to be incorporating into your routine.

FACE Stockholm’s product offerings are practically endless, as you can find any shade of eyeshadow or nail polish that you dream up. The stores are practically a candy store in terms of variety and color. But the products that I’ve been experiencing for the first time in Scandinavia are their wonderful hair and body products. I didn’t realize that the company had such an expansive range until I tested out their lightweight and silky-smooth products. From smooth shampoos, silky conditioners, and soothing body scrubs and washes, these organic products cleanse and provide much needed moisture to every inch of your body!

Packed with healing minerals found in these Northern regions, the Swedish Wellness Formula of FACE Stockholm products gives you that little bit of Scandinavian spa luxury wherever you are. I’ve been to the store location in New York City, and it’s a treat just to be able to look around. If you get a chance to travel to Norway, Sweden, or Denmark, you’ve got to do it! But if you want a glowing skin or a moment to yourself during a  relaxing bathtime — true indicators of a staycation! — then go for some cucumber bubble bath or aromatic shower gel!

Keep checking back from my latest Scandinavian finds — and keep an eye out for the brands’ influences in your own city!

About Kristine Hope Kowalski

Kristine is a writer from New Jersey. When not quoting Tolstoy or catching up on her Twitter feed, she can be found watching iCarly or perusing the clearance racks at Bloomingdales.

4 comments on “Brand Spotlight: FACE Stockholm

  1. My favourite is the body lotion from FACE. It really heals my skin, and the stores are so beautiful.

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  4. The lotiions are really great. They help heal your skin.

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