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Olympus Has Fallen = A Must See

I’m not sure what rock I was successfully living under during the month of March but somehow Olympus Has Fallen completely snuck past my radar. It was not until I was catching up on some of the shows recorded on my DVR that I saw a preview for this film. What I saw was so riveting I had to drag myself out of my apartment to watch it immediately, after all, I didn’t miss the boat so much that I could watch it OnDemand in my pjs 😉

This film is awesome. Not only is Aaron Eckhart a superb and believable pick for president (considering we already believed in him as Gotham’s beacon of hope Harvey Dent) but Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman shine as complicated heroes operating during an extremely stressful state of a national crisis. This film literally held me in suspense from the first 15 minutes of its start to the second or third name in the ending credits. I am an American– happy and grateful to be so. And in the wake of North Korea’s ever constant hostile nature, the recent Boston Marathon bombings, and President Obama being mailed a poisoned letter, tensions are high and the NYC security motto of See Something, Say Something is at the forefront of my mind. Taking this all into account, this film probably kept me at the edge of my seat because of its timeliness, these are scary times and what this film depicts is an American’s worst nightmare. It was difficult to watch, even more difficult to look away from, and impossible to relax during.

But it was a bonding experience. I sat there, tensed up, eyes wide, bonding with my fellow viewers, many of whom actually clapped and commented during the movie about links to our lives and our national security. We were personally invested in this film and the outcome of what we watched.

So if you want a politically charged action film that’s going to hit extremely close to home but keep you in complete suspense the entire 2 hours and 0 minutes, check this flick out. I’m certainly glad I did.

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