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Lusardi London: Unique Statement Jewelry

Lusardi London ‘Hear, Speak, See No Evil’ Bracelet, about $23, topman.com

Clever accessories are key players in turning your outfit from a look into a style. If you’re on the constant hunt for unique statement jewelry to update or enhance your style, you need to be checking out Lusardi London. This badass jewelry brand combines delicate chains with rough skulls and eerie sculptures for truly one-of-a-kind accessories that suit tough girls and stylish guys. The brand only sells original designs — and the entire line of products are made by up-and-coming designers who are able to showcase their creativity through the pieces. Check out some awesome picks — now available internationally at Topman!

Lusardi London ‘Forever Young’ Bracelet

If Pinterest is to be believed (and we believe it!), infinity symbols are all the rage right now, and nothing plays up that trend with a creative twist like the Lusardi London ‘Forever Young’ Bracelet (about $23.) There’s something definitively vampire-ish about the blood-red cursive “young” that embellishes the traditional gold infinity bracelet. It’s a witty and clever conversation starter, but it’s also a surprisingly elegant addition to your arm party of layered bracelets.

Lusardi London Mask Ring

Lusardi London’s unisex statement jewelry designs really pack a punch – but please be careful about actual punching if you’re wearing these heavy metals! Nobody wants to get hit in the face with a … miniature face? If I were to name a signature piece from the line, it would definitely be the Lusardi London ‘Mask’ Ring. At about $18, this piece is definitely unique — and really quite affordable. Engraved with a real LL signature, this ring shows off the brand’s edge — and the mask is the company’s logo!

Other pieces in the line play of Christian icons, snakes, and mystical imagery. All of these ideas have been reinterpreted and re-imagined — and the results are truly stunning.

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