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East Cafe: Rockaway, NJ


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Deciding which kind of food you’re in the mood for when you’re already ravenous is quite a waste of your valuable lunch hour. My own big decision usually consists of Chinese, Japanese, or Thai? Why not a combination of all three? East Cafe in Rockaway, New Jersey offers great deals on lunch specials of all three styles of food, 7 days a week. On my latest trip, I encountered the cutest hand rolls I’ve ever seen! The next time you’re in the mood for yummy sushi, why not have your rolls artistically arranged on your plate by sushi artisans? All on a budget. Check out the gorgeous displays of East Cafe’s sushi creations, right here: 

IMG_0015Two cucumber rolls, with sauces artfully done as a shrimp.

Your Japanese lunch specials will come with a bowl of piping hot miso soup and a mini side salad. Both are great, but the real prize will be your sushi selection. The adorable sauce designs showcase the talents of the sushi chefs — their attention to detail is truly remarkable! These sushi plates could easily be served at a posh NYC sushi lounge for triple the price, but it’s quite a steal to get them on a lunch hour bargain!

IMG_0014Spicy shrimp roll and a vegetable doll, with a ginger sauce dolphin.

Dolphin and shrimp sauce drawings are great, but they’d be useless if the sushi wasn’t impeccable. Luckily, the presentation does not disappoint. The rolls are fresh and tasty, and you have quite a menu of options to pick from. Two rolls are included in the lunch special, which offers plenty food to keep you full until dinner!

East Cafe is located at 343 Mt. Hope Avenue in Rockaway, New Jersey. If you go, make sure to take advantage of their amazing lunch special deals! You can pick from Chinese, Japanese, and Thai specialities: but at their budget friendly prices (from about $6-$10), consider ordering up a bunch of plates for the table to share. Let us know if you go!

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