Kora Organics Skincare by Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr.  Not only is this beauty a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she’s also Australia’s top model, and can be found on Forbes’ list of Top 10 earning supermodels in the world.  So when I tell you that this gorgeous gal has developed her own skincare line, wouldn’t you want to hear more?

KORA Organics is an organic skincare line encompassing an impressive 21 products ranging from face washes and body lotions to rosehip oils and balancing mists.  You heard right: rosehip oils and balancing mists – certainly not your everyday skincare!

Ladies and Gents, your skin is the largest organ of your body, and with the daily beating it endures it deserves some TLC.  The unique blend of herbal extracts, essential oils, and vitamins present in KORA Organics Skincare are exactly what your skin craves. It is the mission of the brand “to inspire people globally to nurture their bodies,” – which it totally does!

KORA boasts some quirky and natural ingredients in its products: namely noni, green tea, macrobiotic salts, rose quartz crystal energized water, rosehip oil, and Vitamins A, C and E.   As Miranda herself puts it, “Ingredients I believe in.”  These elements infuse the KORA Organics Skincare products with antioxidants that are meant to nourish, replenish, and rehydrate your skin.

As a devoted user of KORA products, I can share my own experiences and attest to the benefits of this skincare line.  I received my first products as a Christmas present – clearly Santa understands the importance of radiant skin!  My Christmas stocking was filled with 5 of Miranda’s “Tiffany Blue” boxes of KORA products: Purifying Day and Night Cream, Foaming Cleanser, Energising Citrus Mist, Balancing Rose Mist, and Luxurious Rosehip Oil.  I was immediately surprised at the amazing herbal smell of the products; the Mists especially were incredibly invigorating.  The Foaming Cleanser and Purifying Day and Night Cream are a dynamite duo, leaving my skin soft and supple without making it oily.  My absolute favorite is the Luxurious Rosehip Oil, which I apply to my face morning and night.  Within days of using these products, I noticed clearer, more hydrated skin. Now, KORA is a must in my beauty arsenal!

Miranda has expressed how passionate she is about organic lifestyle and skincare, and this passion has translated into a high quality, natural product that delivers results.  Miranda’s close ties to the KORA brand is evident even on the product receipt (shipped from Australia, of course), which is hand-signed personally by her brother.  As an added measure, each bottle has its own positive word: just a simple example of the quality of KORA.  It is these intimate details along with high quality, natural and organic ingredients that set KORA Organics apart, making it my favorite skincare line.  Miranda eloquently phrases it, “KORA is my passion.”

–Jennifer Skorupa

Jennifer is a Biology and Psychology double major at Rutgers University, with minors in Nutrition and Animal Science. She’s a tall girl with tall aspirations: she dreams of working with exotic animals and possibly ultimately becoming a vet. She a cat with more attitude that can be handled. She loves video games, Disney, and high-heeled shoes. Her favorite book is about a boy who lived.  Secret fantasy life: supermodel, author, vet, professor, philanthropist, millionaire with 3 dogs and a house on Lake Tahoe.

2 comments on “Kora Organics Skincare by Miranda Kerr

  1. No wonder her skin looks amazing.

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