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Music Video: Solange, “Losing You”

Solange and members of Le Sapeurs

About two weeks ago, Solange posted a teaser video for her new single “Losing You” and she finally released the music video and single last night. But wait, let me back up a little bit. Who is Solange? Who’s that posse with her in that picture? What about that teaser video? Click through for the answers to those questions, the videos, and more:

Solange Knowles is an R&B singer and the little sister of someone you miiight know – Beyoncé. The last time she had new music was back in 2008, with her sophomore album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. Armed with a great mix of electronic and Motown influence, Sol-Angel was commercial success. From DJ-ing parties to bringing along her sister and Jay-Z to Grizzly Bear shows to appearing in this fall’s ad campaign for Madewell, Solange has managed to keep herself seriously busy since then. Now she’s back and cooler than ever.

“Losing You” Teaser Video

Solange and the Suck and Blow cast

Solange has a fantastic fashion sense so it’s no wonder that even her 41 second teaser video is aesthetically top-notch. Solange wears a DVF suit and Kenzo shoes, with the rest of the cast outfitted in Suno, Opening Ceremony, and J. Crew. There are so many patterns, colors, and styles but everything goes together incredibly well. The works of artist Mickalene Thomas influenced everyone’s looks and Thomas also created the detailed set for the video in her own studio. The video was directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz and he and Solange were inspired by the game Suck and Blow that they play in 1995 movie Clueless. The teaser did its job because it was agonizing waiting for the music video to come out.

“Losing You” Music Video

Solange continues to bring a retro sound to “Losing You.” I listened to it for the first time when it debuted last night and I’m still loving it. Her vocals are ethereal and cool, the chorus makes me think of early Madonna, and the beat has an awesome groove.

Directed by Melina Matsoukas, the music video takes place in Cape Town, South Africa and features Solange hanging out with her friends and some special guests. Solange says of the video, “I knew I wanted to capture a couple things: the vibe of our friendship and all of the crazy escapades we’ve gotten ourselves into all over the world, and the abstract and elegant Le Sape Society…”

The sartorial and colorfully dressed men are members of Le Sapeurs, a movement in the Congo that is fascinating and something you should definitely read about. As for Solange’s outfits, she absolutely kills it. Her bold coral suit at 0:43 and brick-patterned suit (is that Moschino?) at 0:46 are the highlights for me.

Buy “Losing You” and her other new single “Sleep In the Park” on iTunes

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