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Henri Bendel’s New York City Trash Can

If there’s one thing never lacking in New York City, it’s the heaping, overflowing cans of trash. New York City Trash Mix from Henri Bendel is far from the gross messes you’re now imagining: it’s actually a clever, tasty treat that’s perfectly packaged in a fun tin trash bin for gifting. This can is (of course,) […]

From My Mom’s Kitchen: A Tasty Spamwich?? Yes!

My family has always enjoyed taking day trips to discover and re-experience all the local fun and sights available near or around our town. A lot of my childhood memories involve waking up early to get dressed, prep the car, grab some travel sized cereal boxes and sandwiches, stock up on water bottles and head […]

Stuffing Tomatoes: Trust Me, It’s Easier Than You Think!!

It’s taken me a while to truly understand how great a tomato can be. For years, I was convinced that there was no grosser dish than the red food with identity issues (Fruit? Vegetable? So confusing…) It took a tasty BLT by my best friend to make me realize that tomatoes shouldn’t just be relegated […]